Wine 101


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Spring classes will be posted by February 21!
Upcoming Dates: Feb 12 (7pm), Feb 21 (7pm), Mar 05 (7pm), Mar 12 (7pm), Mar 14 (1pm)
Class location:  330 West 11th Street

The Wine 101 class promises, at a minimum, you will taste nine unique wines, sample artisanal cheeses from Murray's Cheese, and leave with a keen sense of what makes wines different along with a better understanding of not only what you like, but also why you like it. While that may seem sufficient for two hours, we aim for more. In this, one of our most popular offerings, we hope you will develop a newfound admiration for this incredible product of nature while tasting the differences in body, tannin, and sweetness of wines.

Wine has been with us for millennia, and while it can seem a daunting subject, it should not be. We will explore numerous regions of the world as well as discuss how grapes grow and how wine is made (perhaps the most exciting part of the class, honestly).  We believe that wine should be enjoyed by all on a regular basis.  We help get you there.

As always, an array of beautiful breads and cheeses, all from Murray's Cheese Shop, will be on offer, and paired with the wines.
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