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Named as a 'Critic's Pick' in New York magazine.

"The NYC Wine Company demystifies wine selection through classes that decode whites and reds, differentiate old- and new-world styles, and describe what really happens during that initial swirl of the glass..."

Andrew is featured in New York:


Andrew talks value wines in the Daily News.

"There really are so many opportunities to getting a basic recognizable wine that has a twist to it. And that's the key to getting a great wine that everyone and anyone will love." 


Andrew divulges 'How to Host a Wine Tasting Party' in Woman's Day.

" 'What grows together goes together,' says Harwood. In other words, if you've asked your friends to bring an Italian wine, choose an Italian cheese! Harwood adds that high-acidity foods, like seafood, complement high-acidity wines, like most white wines, since they tend to tone each other down. He also says that foods with high fat content, like steak, mingle well with the tannins in full-bodied red wines." 

Andrew's primer on the basics from Allure magazine.

"Identify what appeals to you about your favorite wines. People are put off by the jargon, but it's useful to be able to name the flavors you like—such as citrusy or oaky whites or ones that are crisp and mineral. "

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