Italy: North to South


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Without question, Italy provides a staggering percentage of the world's most distinctive and exalted wines. In addition, the sheer breadth of styles they produce is equally impressive. From the minerally perfumed whites of the Tre Venezie and Val d'Aosta to the dark, powerful reds of Sicily and Campania, this country continues to be a formidable force in winemaking as it has been since before Romulus and Remus first found Rome. 

Admittedly, the north has long dominated the wine scene in Italy, with the wines of Piedmont (Barolo, Barbaresco...), Veneto (Amarone...), and Alto Adige (Schiava, Lagrein...) joining suit with Tuscany (Brunello, Chianti...), yet the wines of the south are making their case and doing it well with their rich, distinctive offerings that taste of flowers, spice, and pepper all at once. From the south we may sample Primitivo, Salice Salentino, Taurasi, the gorgeous mineral and apricot scented wines of Campania, and others. These wines are all quite distinct from one another, yet collectively they present a vivid picture of Italy, and all it has to offer.

Which wines are worth hunting down and getting to know? We believe they all are, yet only you can decide as the bottles will speak for themselves on this night dedicated, ultimately, to all things Italian (including extraordinary cheeses & breads from Murray's). 

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