Anytime Class Certificate

Anytime Class Certificate

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The 'Anytime Class Certificate' is our most popular gift, allowing the recipient to choose the class they want, and the date that suits them best.  For the foreseeable future, all classes will be held via Zoom.  Below you will find information on how the Zoom classes work, how to procure the wines, details about ordering gift cards, as well as why we've come to embrace education via Zoom.  
Please call 212.647.1875 with any questions or requests!  


Zoom Details
  • Unless otherwise noted, all classes will meet for three sessions, with each session covering two wines, and lasting for around one hour.  The $45 registration fee covers ALL three sessions.
  • Once they register for a specific class, we will email them the Zoom links, as well as detailed notes with cheese pairing suggestions, recommendations on when to open the wines, and much more.
Wine Details 
  • All classes feature a total of six wines (two per session).  There are several ways to source the wines, as listed below.  
  • Each 6-pack is available from our retail partner, Flatiron Wines & Spirits.  Each class has a link to Flatiron's site, where the 6-pack for that class may be purchased. The wines can either be picked up from the shop (929 Broadway, NYC), or shipped via UPS.   
  • If you, as the giver of the gift, prefer to purchase the wines for the recipient, we will email the link to you once they register for their chosen class.  Just let us know in advance, after you buy the class certificate.
  • You may also purchase a gift card now from Flatiron to give the recipient.  Cost for the 6-pack is always $150 (plus tax & shipping).  To ensure the gift card covers everything, we suggest a $200 gift card.  Here's a link.
  • If the recipient prefers to source the wines themself, we’re happy to send them (or you) the wine list, along with suggestions on where to find them locally.
  • If $150+ is pushing the budget too much, we’re happy to send them a list of alternative bottles they can source. They won’t be the exact same, but certainly close enough to make the points being taught in class.
    Ordering & Gift Card Details
    • Unless otherwise noted, the $45 certificate is valid for all classes.
    • During checkout, you will have the opportunity to enter gift card details (name of giver/recipient, gift message, etc.).
    • After checking out, you will immediately receive two emails.  The first is simply your purchase receipt, while the second contains the class registration code.
    • The registration code can then be forwarded to the recipient via email, printed out, or we can send it on your behalf.
    • The aforementioned gift cards, if requested, are usually emailed within a few hours of receiving your order.  We can also send it in the post if you prefer.
    • The gift card, which we create as a PDF on our letterhead, is simply to have something tangible to offer the recipient, while the gift codes are what they will need to register.
    The Upside Of Zoom

    As long as Covid remains in wide circulation, all classes will be held online, via Zoom.  And while we miss meeting people in real life, there are many upsides to virtual classes.  These include, but are not limited to:

    • Rather than meeting once, we’ll meet three times. This allows more time to absorb information, let it sink in, think of questions, then ask those questions.  You’ll be a pro in no time!
    • Teaching wine requires the use of words, but pictures are equally important. With Zoom, you can expect graphs, maps, and lots of pretty pictures.
    • We welcome questions and input during class, but if you’re shy, or have questions you’re afraid to ask, simply type into the chat bar and we’ll get you some answers.
    • You can see us, and we’d like to see you, but if you’d rather be incognito, or do your best learning in your pajamas, you can always turn your camera off.
    • When I teach in person, I often poll students for their preferences and opinions, and will ask for a show of hands. But sometimes, people are tepid to respond, or they vote after watching how other people vote.  It’s human nature, of course, but with polling on Zoom, no reason to hold back.  If you love the wine, flash the heart emojis.  Or, if it was worst wine you’ve ever had, we want to know!
    • You’ll have tons of leftover wine to drink. In class, you’ll taste a couple ounces of each wine, but each bottle has 25.4 ounces.  That leaves a lot of ounces for after hours consumption.
    Additional Details
    • Certificates never expire.
    • New classes and dates are added regularly throughout the year.
    • Class reservations can always be rescheduled up until the start of the first class.
    • If the recipient prefers to attend one of our in-person classes, they may use their gift card towards registration in any in-person class as soon as they resume.
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