The New Iberia (In-Person!)


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Friday, December 16  |  7pm-8:30pm
Class location:  Flatiron Wines, 873 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NYC

After eighteen years in NYC, I moved back to California to farm a vineyard, make wine, and get my hands dirty again.  But I miss you all, and will be back, in person, for one night only!  I'm genuinely excited and hope you can attend.  And if you've never attended before, come join us to see what all the fuss is about.

With just one night, you might wonder why Spain and Portugal.  Why not France, or Italy, or better yet, my new home of California?  I could put together a great line-up of bottles from any of those regions, but none would be as compelling, as exciting, or as delicious as what we'll be pouring on December 16.

In previous Spain classes, I've already poured bottles from the Canary Islands, Sierra de Gredos, and Bierzo, and I'll do it again, because there are countless new producers worth discovering, putting their own spin on local, indigenous grape varieties.  But also on tap could be creations from the Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, or Monterrei.

As for Portugal, here, too, we will likely visit some known locales - the Douro, the Dão, perhaps Bairrada - but with a focus on the vignerons crafting the most intriguing wines, made from native grapes, and made with love.  We will also leave the mainland, and head to the Azores islands, land of volcanoes and fiery wines you won't soon forget.

We'll taste 8-10 wines, and yes, cheese, breads, and charcuterie will be served - the good stuff and plenty of it.  It's a return to the old days, even if just for one day.  I hope to see you, and thank you for your consideration.


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