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Starting February 08, 2023, then the first Wednesday of every month   |  7pm-8:15pm EST 

I spent 18 years living in New York City, teaching wine, hosting tastings, and meeting countless people.  Life was good, but when an opportunity arose to rehabilitate the vineyard of a dear friend in California, I did not hesitate.  In May of 2020, I moved to Healdsburg, California, in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County, and set to work on a special piece of land with vines planted in 1934.  This 10-acre parcel will serve as the backdrop for this immersive course, set to take place from February through November of 2023.

The idea for this course is to take you through the four seasons of the vine, as well as the winemaking process which occurs primarily in the fall, but also throughout the year.  Each month, we will discuss what's going on in the vineyard, what's happening in the cellar, and what is on the horizon.  We'll rap about the decisions we must make and the challenges we face, as well as provide explanations behind why we may take one action over another, giving you a bird's eye view of the whole process, from grape to glass.

The Goal

Learning about wine is often a disjointed affair.  You can pick up tips and tricks here and there, take some classes about different regions, and maybe peruse a book for ten minutes until you nod off, all of which are beneficial.  Our goal is to connect the dots, and give you a comprehensive understanding of everything involved with crafting a bottle of wine from the ground up.  

We'll kick things off in the winter, as we prune the vines, and prepare them for spring.  Once the weather warms, we'll head into the vineyard to witness bud break, the first sign of life after a winter spent napping.  As the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, we'll witness the birth of berries (aka grapes), and watch them develop from the size of a pinhead into dark-skinned marbles.  By the time fall rolls around, we set our sights on the harvest, the culmination of a year's worth of work, and finally, making the wine.

The Drinking 

Lastly, while the above gives us plenty to talk about each month, it's much better with wine in hand.  With this in mind, every class will feature a different wine for us to open, taste, and discuss.  I have compiled an extra special box of wines to accompany this class, which is available from our retail partner, Flatiron Wines & Spirits, and can be ordered via the link below in the 'Details' section.  Buying the wines is not required, of course, as you can always pop and pour something from your own collection at home!

We will start with a 6-pack of wines, to accompany our first six meetings, after which another 6-pack will be compiled in late spring.  Each 6-pack will cost $160 plus tax and shipping.


  • We will meet ten times, beginning February 08, 2022, at 7pm, and then the first Wednesday of every month through November.
  • All sessions are recorded, and the links are emailed after each class, allowing you to view them again later, or to watch any sessions you might miss.
  • In late January, we will email you the Zoom links and cheese suggestions.
  • To purchase the first 6-pack of wines, please click here.  The cost is $160 (plus tax & shipping), and the wines will be shipped approximately two weeks before the first class.
  • We will email detailed notes with cheese pairing suggestions, recommendations on when to open the wines, and much more.
  • All purchases are non-refundable, but any class registration can be rescheduled up until the day of the first class.

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