Big Bold Reds


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Upcoming Dates: March 07 (1pm)
Class location:  330 West 11th Street

Wines from the "New World" are easy to like. Places like California, Australia, and Argentina, tend to produce wines which are fruit forward and often, quite rich when compared to those from places like Burgundy in France, or Rioja, Spain, both from the “Old World”. Ultimately, these big & bold bottlings have become extremely popular due to their pure hedonistic pleasure, yet they can also tax the wallet. Furthermore, wines fashioned in this seductive style are not limited to the aforementioned locales. Spain, Italy, even France all crank out examples, yet you need to know where to look.

This class will discuss not only which regions and producers to look for, but also where you'll find some of the best bargains, a category that has become an ever faster moving target, but one which we'll help you zero in on in your search for full-bodied and decadent red wines. Lastly, while every red will be big and bold, each will be selected for its unique character, thus allowing you to decide which are, and which are not, worthy of your dollars.

As always, an array of beautiful breads and cheeses will be on offer, and paired with the wines.

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