Insider's California (In-Person!)


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Saturday, December 17  |  1pm-2:30pm
Class location:  Flatiron Wines, 873 Broadway, 3rd Floor, NYC

Ok, I said I'd be back for one night only, but it sold out much quicker than expected, so I had to add another one.  I hope you can make it, and if you've never attended before, come join us to see what all the fuss is about.

I've spent that past 2+ years in California making wine, farming a vineyard, and meeting others who, like myself, are nuts about wine.  And if you've joined any of our Zoom classes, you know that we've hosted several classes featuring wines from the Golden State.  Thing is, good as those classes were, I had to choose wines that were in sufficient stock at Flatiron so they could ship out thirty or forty bottles of each.  

But since we will all be together in one place on December 17, I can finally pour the bottles I've collected locally - from friends, fellow winemakers, and those in the know.  Of course, some dynamite wines from Flatiron's stash will also be on tap, but if you want the inside tip on what's special and worth seeking out, you will not be disappointed.  

We'll taste 8-10 wines, and yes, cheese, breads, and charcuterie will be served - the good stuff and plenty of it.  It's a return to the old days, even if just for one day.  I hope to see you, and thank you for your consideration.

 * If you've taken any of our previous California classes, these are all new wines.

* If you're registered in our Friday night Iberia class and wish to transfer into this one, I'm happy to make the switch, pending availability.

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