The Art of Pairing

The Art of Pairing

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Class location:  167 West 23rd Street
* Price is for two people

Whether it's wine with cheese, curtains to a window, or one person to another, the art of pairing usually relies on alchemy and luck. Principles and rules can also make a showing, but all too often, it's the most unlikely of bedfellows that make the match.

This special event will highlight some of the most successful pairings I've encountered recently. An array of small-batch cheeses served alongside aromatic whites and robust reds. Chocolate, an admittedly obstinate mate to most wines, can be not only tamed, but also heightened if served with the right bottle. And this we will do.

In all, we'll taste ten distinct wines from the world over. Being winter, we'll lean towards the reds, with a handful of new, off-the-beaten-path discoveries, and one or two dessert wines for the chocolates. If you've sworn off sweet wines, these could change your mind forever. We hope you will join us.

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