Organic, Natural, Biodynamic

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Class location:  330 West 11th Street

We'll taste eight wines, all of them either natural, organic, or biodynamic (with one or two 'conventional' wines for contrast).  But this event is more than that, it's an exploration of what these terms mean, and the inherent implication that there is something 'pure' and 'better' about them.  But are they better?  For you?  The wines?  The environment?  These are fraught questions, without easy answers, but if you're going to tackle them, best to do it while sipping.  So the gloves are off, and it's on.

We'll sample bottles from the world over, whites, reds, maybe a rosé, while discussing the background and history of these terms.  We'll delve into issues such as native yeasts (aka 'wild' fermentation), the use of sulfur dioxide (the source of sulfites), and most importantly, the decisions made in the vineyard, from pesticides to fertilizers to cycles of the moon.  

I've tasted many wines bearing the aforementioned monikers.  Many were excellent, many were not.  Others I would best describe as 'interesting', but this will be no parade of 'weird' wines, or experiments gone awry.  Me, I like wines that taste good, I imagine you do too.  The questions we'll try to answer is, what's in that good tasting wine?  

As always, a smorgasbord of the world's best cheeses and breads will be served.  If you're intrigued by what you've read, I hope you'll attend.  You won't be disappointed.

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