Harvest Zoom Series

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Class location:  Zoom

UPDATE:  Zoom series will now begin early October, dates TBD.

Following months of talk and hype, it's finally happening, we're bringing harvest to you.  

It's an exciting and frenetic time, full of surprises and unknowns, with ample opportunity for me to suffer a nervous breakdown.  You'll see it all, as we broadcast wine country's version of 'naked & afraid'.

Jokes aside (sort of), we've already lost power twice, ran the well dry four times, fires are approaching, and the grapes are racing along to maturity FAR faster than any year on record.

But we've got this, and all will be ok.  It might even be great, but for certain it will be entertaining and educational.  Please read on for details, and/or click here for a 91 second trailer of what's to come!

The Details

When you head to wine country, you can tour the wineries, hit up the tasting rooms, and admire the vistas.  It's fun, no doubt, but if you're ready to see the action, we encourage you to join us.

The Zoom Harvest Series consists of three sessions, held on consecutive Thursdays at 8pm EST.  We will show compiled live footage from the week (video/photo) and discuss all the steps along the way, while previewing what lies ahead for the next week.

Once you submit the $39 registration fee, we take care of the rest.  Just sit back and await details from us.  All Zoom links will be sent out by September 01, at which point we will also know if any dates must be changed (see below).

  • September 10, 8pm EST
  • September 17, 8pm EST
  • September 24, 8pm EST
NB - harvest is tough to predict.  The dates above are my best guess, but we may need to move it up one week and start September 03, or push it back and start September 17.  Either way, we will be in touch regularly with updates, and we really look forward to bringing you along for the ride.
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