Wines of Hungary

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Wednesdays July 14, 21  7pm-8:15pm

When it comes to wine, people always want the hidden gems, the unknown.  Me, I’m no different.  I, too, want in on the secret stash.  But a good story isn’t enough to make a wine actually taste good.  It needs to be grown in the right climate, in soils suitable for grapes, and crafted with love, by people who care.  Thing is, most wines with the right pedigree are rarely a secret.  Their deliciousness alone is all the marketing they need.

With Hungary, not so much.  The language is foreign, the grapes are unheard of, and almost fifty years of communist rule cast a long shadow over the nation’s wines.  Which is precisely why they have the secret stash.  This is the real deal.  Wines with fire and vigor, minerals and slate.  We’ll explore Somló, Villány, Tokaj, Lake Balaton, and more.  We’ll taste grapes you’ve never heard of, but will come to know and love.  White wines, red wines, and maybe something sweet. 

I could not be more excited for this class.  Having lived and worked in Tokaj, Hungary, the wines are close to my heart.  But this is no nostalgia tour.  This is to showcase wines that taste dynamite, wines that compete with, and often surpass, those from France, Italy, and the other known juggernauts of the wine world.  I sincerely hope you will join us.

Zoom Details
  • We will meet for two sessions, with each session covering three wines, and lasting for around 75 minutes    The $29 registration fee covers both sessions.
  • All sessions are recorded, allowing you to view them again later, or to watch any sessions you might miss.
  • A few weeks before the first class, we will email you the Zoom links, as well as detailed notes with cheese pairing suggestions, recommendations on when to open the wines, and much more.
  • Class reservations can always be rescheduled up until the start of the first class.

Wine Details
  • We will taste a total of six wines (three per session).  
  • The designated 6-pack for this class will be available from our retail partner, Flatiron Wines & Spirits, and will cost around $170 (plus tax & shipping).  We will post a link here on this site as soon as it is available, and will email it to all registrants as well.
  • The wines can either be picked up from the shop (929 Broadway, NYC), or shipped via UPS.

The Upside Of Zoom

Fortunately, Covid seems to be in the rearview mirror, but it dragged on long enough that we were unable to hold onto our venue space.  We hope to find an alternate space later this year, but in the interim, the show must go on (via Zoom).  Happily, there are many upsides to virtual classes.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • If you miss class, you can always watch the recording. 
  • Some classes meet multiple sessions.  This allows more time to absorb information, let it sink in, think of questions, then ask those questions.  You’ll be a pro in no time!
  • Teaching wine requires the use of words, but pictures are equally important. With Zoom, you can expect graphs, maps, and lots of pretty pictures.
  • We welcome questions and input during class, but if you’re shy, or have questions you’re afraid to ask, simply type into the chat bar and we’ll get you some answers.
  • You can see us, and we’d like to see you, but if you’d rather be incognito, or do your best learning in your pajamas, you can always turn your camera off.
  • When I teach in person, I often poll students for their preferences and opinions, and will ask for a show of hands. But sometimes, people are tepid to respond, or they vote after watching how other people vote.  It’s human nature, of course, but with polling on Zoom, no reason to hold back.  If you love the wine, flash the heart emojis.  Or, if it was worst wine you’ve ever had, we want to know!
  • You’ll have tons of leftover wine to drink. In class, you’ll taste a couple ounces of each wine, but each bottle has 25.4 ounces.  That leaves a lot of ounces for after hours consumption.
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