Focus on Red


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Class location:  167 West 23rd Street

Even though white wines can be as "serious" and as complex as their counterparts in rouge, reds beckon to us in ways whites often do not, and I, too, fall prey as much as anyone to this call. If you welcome the bite of winter solely to find guilt-free solace in a rich, peppery Shiraz, or if you can find succor in a glass of red at day's end, never mind the season nor the forecast, this class is a must.

During this one evening seminar we will explore the basics of red wine production as well as highlight the qualities of the major red grape varieties. By understanding how Pinot Noir differs from Cabernet Sauvignon or from Nebbiolo, one begins to understand why the wines taste as they do and why they each exhibit such telltale personalities. 

Furthermore, while we can only explore a specific number of regions and grapes in one evening, you will leave this class with a key understanding of why, for example, wines from Oregon and other cooler areas often taste as they do and why they tend to grow certain grapes over others. You will also taste and become familiar with some of the distinct flavors commonly noted in certain grapes such as the green pepper of Cabernet Franc, or the strawberry of Gamay, or the violets of Dolcetto.

And not to be left out...tannins. We will taste and discuss the role of tannins, how to detect them in wines, and how to begin the journey of knowing when to age, and when it's best to pull the cork. You can count on learning as much as we can possibly fit into one evening about red wines, their component parts, and the enormous variety they offer.

As always, an array of beautiful breads, meats, and cheeses will be on offer, and paired with the wines.

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